Frankie’s legacy

Judy Pritchett, Frankie’s life-companion and owner of webpage is looking for your contribution!

Let´s hear what it’s all about:

“I will be working on the Frankie Manning Lindy Hop Legacy Fund and I would like to get a better idea from dancers everywhere what they got from Frankie that has stayed with them. I would greatly appreciate if people could answer any or all of these questions, […] to judyp(at) …Or just tell me your thoughts if the questions don’t do it for you:

1. In what way has Frankie Manning influenced you, either as a person, a dancer or both?
2. What are some of the ways you feel that he has influenced others in today’s dance world?
3. What do you feel are Frankie Manning’s important contribution(s) to the history and evolution of Swing dance from its early days?
4. How do you think we can best ensure that Frankie Manning’s legacy will live on?

Thank you for anything you would like to share!
Judy Pritchett “

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