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? I´d love to learn Lindy Hop , but I don´t have a dance-partner, can I attend alone?

Yes of course! Our policy is to change partners very often in class. If somebody is absolutely against changing, well, we don´t force him.

? May I take a test lesson?

Yes please. As Lindy Hop is something you have to experience, taking part is better than watching from the save side.

Safety shoes

Safety first!

? What kind of shoes are suitable for Lindy Hopping?

First of all, for courses in most gyms you need shoes with non-marking soles (even black non-marking soles you better leave at home). Wear sport- shoes, sneakers, and avoid high heels. If you are interested in two-tone special Lindy shoes or Capezio/ Bloch dance sneakers, search the web.

? What do I wear?

This is not important. The only thing to consider : you´ll sweat. You´ll bounce. You´ll kick and you´ll jump.

? I´m not sure which level would suit me.

Well, let´s try to sort it out:

bloody beginners: You´ve never danced (lindy hop) before. You like swing music and you enjoy moving- even with two left feet.

beginners intermediate: You know that lindy hop doesn´t describe the way, the mayor of Aachen moves. You know how to do a lindy turn, a lindy circle, a swing out and the basic charleston step. What you want is more confidence and experience to dance the whole night through.

intermediate: You are infected by swing fever! You want more! You are able to sing “Say it´s only a paper moon” without any mistake.

? Is there an opportunity to dance lindy hop?

You can find a list of several possibilities here. Just go ahead and burn!