Dublindy presents: Swingweekend in Dublin

Swing weekend in Dublin, from 9th – 10th June 07 with Lennart Westerlund, Hasse & Marie and Tom & Cicci,
let´s listen to the organizers,

“You are invited to a weekend of dancing in Dublin our friends Lennart Westerlund, Hasse & Marie and Tom & Cicci. There will be a selection of lindy hop, boogie woogie, vernacular jazz and swing dance workshops on Saturday and Sunday for you to pick and choose from – or sign up for the whole darn lot!

Schedule for the Weekend


10.30am- 1pm: Lindy hop (the mother of all swing dances)

1pm – 2.30pm: plenty of time for a nice long lunch

2.30pm – 5.00pm: Lindy hop (the mother of all swing dances)

8.30pm – 12.30am: The Vertical Rhythm Club with guest DJ Tom Kerwin.


11.00am – 12.30pm: taster class in Boogie Woogie (a predominantly 6-beat swing dance, danced to ….boogie woogie music)

1.00pm – 2.30pm: Big Apple (a dance made up of individual jazz steps, performed in a circle, called by a leader. Lennart will be our leader. Obey)


There will be three levels for the lindy hop classes.

Beginners level – taught by Tom and Cicci, this level is ideal for people who have either never learnt lindy hop before, or who have been to a few classes, and want to consolidate the basics. Tom and Cicci will look after you for the whole day, and by the end, you’ll have a good understanding of what lindy hop is, and a few moves under your belt to enable you to dance the night away.

The other two levels – will be grouped according to the experience of people who register for the weekend. When you register, give a brief description of your lindy hop experience, which will enable us to place you in the appropriate group. In these groups, you will have one session with Hasse and Marie, and one session with Lennart.

The Boogie Woogie and Big Apple classes are open to all!


The more you do the cheaper it is! Hopefully, the break down of the prices is clear enough, if not, just ask.

Saturday AM – €40

Saturday PM – €40

All day Saturday – €70

Sunday Boogie Woogie – €20

Sunday Big Apple – €20

Sunday both class – €35

Full weekend* – €90

*(not including Vertical Rhythm Club)

Vertical Rhythm Club – €10 on the door”

dublindy@gmail.com“>Registration is now open, so hurry up!

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