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Warm up

Jetzt Ihr:

Left                                         ,                               Right

                                                                        You´re wrong, it’s – not right

It’s left-  and you’ll find it-

left,                                                                  right, where

you left it-

                                                                             that’s right!

Was war was? Lindy Hop Schritte

  • 6-counts aka jigwalks: Zakarias & Frida  youtube  
  • Lindy turn: Frankie & Erin youtube, Åsa & Daniel: youtube, Pensacola Swing
  • Lindy Circle: Frankie & Erin (16:26) youtube
  • Swingout from close position: Frankie & Erin (18:54) youtube
  • Back step stomp (0:58), 6-counts (0:59), 6-counts ohne backstep: (1:09) Sabine & Arno  youtube

Planet swing – the real Harlem Globetrotters: Ryan Francois at TEDx

“The internet was a double-edged sword for the Lindy Hop – it helped connect communities of dancers who had developed their own takes on the Lindy Hop in isolation. But it also seeded conformity where before stood individual creativity. In this TEDx talk, choreographer and dancer Ryan Francois tells the tale of the Harlem dance style that conquered the world.” (TEDx)