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“I know that thousands of dancers around the world have enjoyed my Jitterbug Stroll. It was created in London in 1982. I wanted to share it with you all now, to spread some joy at this difficult time

If you enjoy the video and would like to help this instructor stay afloat during these hard times, please donate, however large or small to the donation link.

Thanks so much “

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Rhythm Relief

Rhythm Relief: The Swingtacular Show! A Benefit to Aid Full-Time Vintage Swing Dance Instructors and Swing Musicians
(May 23, 8pm CET)
Nick Williams, in partnership with the Pacific Swing Dance Foundation (PSDF), is throwing a spectacular live-stream swing show coming straight to your home. The purpose of the benefit show is to raise money for full-time swing dance instructors and full-time musicians who have been financially hit by Covid-19. The money raised in the show will compensate the performers for their time, and all additional funds raised will go to a fund for dancers and musicians. Any full-time dancer or musician will be able to apply for the funds we raise on the PSDF website (more details available at

Watch it here:


MC: Peter Flahiff

Peter Strom & Naomi Uyama
Kevin St. Laurent & Shesha Marvin
Pontus Persson & Isabella Gregorio
Remy Kouakou Kouame & Alice Mei
Laura Glaess & Brooks Prumo
LaTasha Barnes
Jenny Thomas
Nils Andrén & Bianca Locatelli
Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat
Steve Sayer & Chanzie Gomez
Carla Crowen (formerly Carla Heiney)
Mia & Charlie Halloran
Irina Amzashvili & Natalia Eristavi
Andreas Olsson & Olga Marina
Nikki Marvin
Mike & Dan Legenthal
Nick Williams

Rhythm Relief Band:
Keenan McKenzie
Laura Windley
Josh Collazo
Jonathan Stout
Paul Cosentino
Gordon Au
Marquis Howell