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Budapest Lindy Camp

International Lindy-hop Dance Camp
15-18 of March 2007 organized by JUMPERS TSKE

Carla Heiney – Marty Klempner (USA)
Lotte Geldof – Bill Borgida (GB/USA)
Vajda Gyöngyvér – Janicsek Gábor
Oktogon Tánc Centrum
Hungary, Budapest (XIII.district) Forgách str. 9/a
16. March 2007. (Friday)
Swing party with Hot Jazz Band
Course fee:
29.500 HUF (cca 120,- EURO)“>registration & info

Beantown Hop to the beat !dates changed!

Das Beantown Summer Camp wird dieses Jahr vom 21.- 27. Juni stattfinden.

Aus der Ankündigung: Confirmed instructors so far for this year include Ryan Francois & Jenny Thomas, Sylvia Sykes & Nick Williams, Kenneth & Helena Norbelie and Peter Strom. For live music, there will be 2 nights with the fabulous Boilermaker Jazz Band and one with the hot new Beantown Swing Orchestra. There are still many staff confirmations to come so please stay tuned for more info!