Legacy and Obligation

Read! Think! 

“… But now I think of who’s left and how we should be treating them. And I don’t mean posting selfies with them to prove that you knew them once. I mean real stuff befitting of their legend and the gifts that everyone enjoys based on their inspiration and hard work. First that comes to mind is Chazz Young, Frankie’s son. How is the community looking after this man? Or do we only wake up after we’ve read the obituaries? I know there are others. Sonny Allen, Charlie Meade, Sugar Sullivan etc. Our scene thinks it gives, but it really doesn’t. It profits and takes selfies, wearing a veil of respect for the dance and dancers while it continues to change all aspects of the dance away from its essence and its culture. Frankie held me to a promise years ago, he said. “Ryan, I know you want to change the dance do new things, make things different but promise me this. No matter how much you change things, keep the essence, the core of the dance the same”. I’ve kept my promise all these years and will continue to do so. Even if only a handful of people follow me down that road. That is not a duty to me, it’s a reason for living. So really what I should have wrote is Goodbye Norma, thanks for all the wonderful memories. Save me a seat on the bus for the day I too can help to make the heavens swing! I’m not done yet, it’s just the world lost almost all of it’s brightest stars and I’m a little lost as to where to go and what to do now…” (Ryan Francois)

(Ryan & Sing Lim: 3:19 and end)

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